MS. JJ’ s underwater experience

2016 was a busy year for my mermaid sessions. I started in March, finishing my last one on a chilly mid December day. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up a bit so I can get back in the pool. I absolutely LOVE my underwater sessions. I was excited to end the year with JJ Malone, a plus size model I connected with on instagram.

JJ Malone

JJ in addition to her busy modeling schedule, is a mom and a family therapist who hails from Pasadena. She has been in the modeling world for 4 years, spending time on the runway and photo shoots for designers and publications.

We scheduled our session on a chilly Friday, little did I know my pool heater was going to act up…so of course I called JJ to reschedule our session and she said, “Is there anything else wrong with the pool?” She was fine with the cool temp and the session took place with me wearing a wet suit for the first time ever in my pool.

JJ in her lavender gown which was perfect

Annika was our makeup artist doing a beautiful brow and lip on JJ that really popped in the water. JJ brought a variety of looks, a couple of gowns, a little short red number and a gorgeous gold swimsuit. We were definitely going for underwater glam.

I love red in the water

She was a natural in the water, sinking with no problem, and gracefully gliding like a exotic fish. JJ was able to really connect with the camera, which is not that easy underwater, keeping your eyes open and responding to the camera that you can’t really see. Also when we are under its not like we can talk, lol.

love her expression on this one
dramatic black…
gold gyvmebody Swimsuit

I fell in love with this suit from gyvmebody. JJ walked in a show for gyvmebody, so I was happy when she shared the info with me and I picked up a few suits for my Maldives vacation.

just gorgeous…
she makes it look so effortless …

So my mermaids and mermen spring will be here soon. So why not plan to step out of your comfort zone and come down under with me in 2017.

Check out this little video…



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