Self Portrait #1 The Bodysuit

Welcome 2017!

I’m excited to post my first blog of the year.

I have lots of plans and lots of surprises in the works, the first being my self portrait project.  I decided to do a self portrait project, not a “phone selfie”, but a pull out my tripod, trigger/timer and maybe a little flash for good measure, kind of portrait, basically set up a session for myself.

As a photographer I am always working on craft, and what better way than to make time to capture moi! This year is one of loving my body unconditionally. Embracing my softness, not worrying about what size jeans fit or “I can’t wear that at my age” just being okay with where I am on any given day, and documenting what that looks like.

Self portraits are a tool for me to refine my eye, to work on composition, posing, portraiture and lighting. When I do my self portraits, I don’t need permission from anybody, it’s a private indulgence, that if I don’t like an image I can delete and start all over.

#1 The Body Suit

So “The Body Suit” self- portrait was an exercise in photographing myself in a bodysuit. I purchased a bunch of them from boohoo, for little of nothing and I wanted to see how they would translate in an image. BTW for your own at home portraits, bodysuits are universally flattering, so pick some up if you haven’t already. I also wanted to shoot in this area of my home that is just so creamy and play around with the light in that space.

Earlier that the day I had a headshot session for a client, so I was happy to get a little makeup applied by Jessica, on of my fab Make up artists. So you may be wondering how many takes before I got one I liked…lets just say lots! Next time I will post some of the outtakes- hilarious!

So try a self portrait with your “real” camera…you just need a tripod or a steady surface for your camera, know how to use your timer, and lots of patience, that is pretty much all you need  to get the shot. Or if you are strictly a phone camera kinda of person, next time you do a selfie, think about your shot and set your camera up and arrange a scene starring you!

Details: bodysuit shoes Valentino -MUA Jessica Davis Distant Glamour





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