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Gervel aibp“Boudoir photography is a photographic style featuring intimate, romantic, and sometimes erotic images of its subjects, primarily intended for the private enjoyment of the subject and their romantic partners. It is distinct from glamour and art nude photography in that it is usually more suggestive rather than explicit in its approach to nudity and sexuality, features subjects who do not regularly model, and produces images which are not intended to be seen by a wide audience, but rather to remain under the control of the subject.”

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Association of International Boudoir Photographers retreat in New Orleans. It was 3 intense days of listening to leaders in the boudoir industry and networking with about 40 boudoir photographers from all over the country and Canada.

Why Boudoir? For the most part I was not sure what I expected to get out of this workshop. What I did know is that I am passionate about photographing women, not just “model types” but all women. I love giving women an incredible experience in front of the camera. I wanted to learn how to capture intimate emotive images that celebrate a woman’s femininity. I wanted to be the voyeur that documents those private poses that we all do when home alone in front of the mirror.

So while learning all the ins and outs of boudoir photography in New Orleans, I decided to book a session for myself. I figured how could I promote a boudoir shoot if I did not do one myself? So that is what I did! I booked a session with Craig Lamere, a photographer I have been following since I started my career.

So the morning of my session, I can’t lie I was a nervous wreck, I am not a Victoria Secret model by any means, nor am I 30 or even 40 years old. My monkey brain started telling me that this was going to be a hot mess, however my session was booked and I was not backing out now.

The first agenda was deciding what to wear, the thought of wearing intimate apparel  in front of the camera would be a subtle reminder of those missed gym sessions. I was nervous about the makeup, because I know makeup is key, it needs to be just right for each client. I started thinking that maybe I should have brought a gown and turned it into a glamour session.

Miranda Makeup

So after arriving and setting out my “outfits” for Craig to see, I timidly sat in the chair and the blue haired makeup artist, Miranda worked her magic and 45 minutes later I was ready for my close up.img_6875 The traditional New Orleans house was gorgeous, it had a beautiful balcony and was well appointed with chandeliers and antiques, the light was beautiful, so I put on my first outfit a little vintage number I got in the french quarter the night before at Trashy Diva. I put on my gold Valentino pumps and proceeded to be guided by Craig. He worked like a conductor making sure everything was just so, after about 20 minutes all my insecurities slowly drifted out the window.lingerie

I had a shift and began to embrace me, I was no longer concerned with what my butt looked like or didn’t look like. I changed into the my outfits, listening to Craig’s direction letting my gaze follow his pointing finger, 2 hours later I returned to reality, glad I had done something outside of my comfort zone. Happy that I would have images to document this moment in my life, that I  will cherish in a different way than my numerous family portraits, this was all about me.

After the session I did not worry about what the images looked like, I just savored the moments of the experience, my surrender to myself and where I am on my journey as a woman.

It was a experience that every woman should experience, the ultimate celebration of self- YOUR body, age, hair etc., it was not about “I’m not ready” or “I need to lose 10 pounds” just embracing the moment of where you are today.

Here are a couple of sneak peeks from my session. I can’t wait to see the rest! This is the perfect documentation of my 57 year old self.Gervel by Craig



Gervel boudoir

So perhaps you are celebrating a milestone birthday, or a major life change or just because, I would love to capture and celebrate you!

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